Proper subs for Episode 207 of Conan.

✘ Hey, Ran... It's this way. This way!
✔ Hey, Ran! Move slower, slower.

✘ Geez, you always make so much trouble when you drink too much. Please, next time don't go to the train station if you've had too much to drink.
✔ Geez, It's a pain to go fetch you, so don't purposely go in the opposite direction of the train to drink.

✘ Huh, what's this?
✔ Huh, so untidy...

✘ What are you doing? You're going to make me fall!
✔ What are you doing? Release me, Nakamoto!

✘ They'll keep bothering me till I stop them.
✔ I can't possibly leave them like that, I shall go stop them then.

✘ All evidence points to this being a murder case.
✔ Specifics will have to wait till we get the legally-ordered autopsy but,

✘ Last night, I wasn't even home!
✔ Last night, I wasn't at Irie's house!

✘ That wasn't actually me! He used it to make people believe that I was in the apartment.
✔ He played a tape to make it seem like I was in the apartment.

✘ After he closed the curtains, he played the tape.
✔ Irie chose an appopriate time, and pressed the re-play button on the radio.

✘ Unfortunately, I don't have an alibi to prove my innocence.
✔ It was to create my alibi.

✘ No Alibi?
✔ (Your) Alibi?

✘ I waited for him in his library for a long time, but eventually gave up and returned home.
✔ I waited for an hour but he didn't come back, so I gave up.

✘ I arrived at the professor's house at 10pm. By the time I returned, it was 11pm.
✔ I arrived at the professor's house at 10pm. The time I gave up waiting for him was 11pm.

✘ Yesterday was my turn to watch the professor's house, but it seems that he was eating at a restaurant.
✔ However, last night, the professor stayed in his library the whole time writing documents, and testified that he did not even once walk outside.

✘ If this goes any further, it's going to become embarrassing!
✔ If everything is left like this, I'm going to be called as the criminal!

✘ Even though he said that the murderer would have gotten rid of the tape as fast as possible.
✔ You don't say! It's much too close to be possible.

✘ This is in fact the voice we heard yesterday. Right, Conan-kun?
✔ This, was exactly the same line which we heard last night. Right, Conan-kun?

✘ Is it possible that he was claiming to be at home when he was not?
✔ It might be possible that the professor went to a place that he's unable to tell people about.

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Detective Conan Episode 193 BGM

What's the background music that plays in Detective Conan Episode 193? Where Shinichi left and Conan tries to explain to Ran what happened?

It took me so long to find it. So I'm sharing it here in case someone else wants the title. I could find it because I could pick out some Japanese words that made sense to me and typed them out in the search engine. It took me quite many a try.

Title: 「愛はいつも」

- In another case of DVD sets, it's Episode 206.