Proper subs for Episode 207 of Conan.

✘ Hey, Ran... It's this way. This way!
✔ Hey, Ran! Move slower, slower.

✘ Geez, you always make so much trouble when you drink too much. Please, next time don't go to the train station if you've had too much to drink.
✔ Geez, It's a pain to go fetch you, so don't purposely go in the opposite direction of the train to drink.

✘ Huh, what's this?
✔ Huh, so untidy...

✘ What are you doing? You're going to make me fall!
✔ What are you doing? Release me, Nakamoto!

✘ They'll keep bothering me till I stop them.
✔ I can't possibly leave them like that, I shall go stop them then.

✘ All evidence points to this being a murder case.
✔ Specifics will have to wait till we get the legally-ordered autopsy but,

✘ Last night, I wasn't even home!
✔ Last night, I wasn't at Irie's house!

✘ That wasn't actually me! He used it to make people believe that I was in the apartment.
✔ He played a tape to make it seem like I was in the apartment.

✘ After he closed the curtains, he played the tape.
✔ Irie chose an appopriate time, and pressed the re-play button on the radio.

✘ Unfortunately, I don't have an alibi to prove my innocence.
✔ It was to create my alibi.

✘ No Alibi?
✔ (Your) Alibi?

✘ I waited for him in his library for a long time, but eventually gave up and returned home.
✔ I waited for an hour but he didn't come back, so I gave up.

✘ I arrived at the professor's house at 10pm. By the time I returned, it was 11pm.
✔ I arrived at the professor's house at 10pm. The time I gave up waiting for him was 11pm.

✘ Yesterday was my turn to watch the professor's house, but it seems that he was eating at a restaurant.
✔ However, last night, the professor stayed in his library the whole time writing documents, and testified that he did not even once walk outside.

✘ If this goes any further, it's going to become embarrassing!
✔ If everything is left like this, I'm going to be called as the criminal!

✘ Even though he said that the murderer would have gotten rid of the tape as fast as possible.
✔ You don't say! It's much too close to be possible.

✘ This is in fact the voice we heard yesterday. Right, Conan-kun?
✔ This, was exactly the same line which we heard last night. Right, Conan-kun?

✘ Is it possible that he was claiming to be at home when he was not?
✔ It might be possible that the professor went to a place that he's unable to tell people about.

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